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 A conversation club
Learn things
Changes is possible
What do you duo after school
I watch TV
Play computer games
I study at night because during the day is a disaster
How do you help at home?
I do the washing up
I lidy my room
I help with the shopping
I look after my brother
I don’t help
Why does your mum or dad get angry with you?
*Use the words to write questions
Get up/ you/when/do?
-When do you get up?
-I get up at five o’clock every day
Your/friends/like/do/rock music?
Do your friends like rock music?
Sports/does/Saturday/your family/on?
What does your family play sports on Saturday?
Do you go to the cinema?
Why do your parents work on Saturday?
Friend/ your best friends/does/speak?
Does your best friends speak French?
Exercise 3 page 20…..
What does she do after school?
Some times she does the home work
She helps her mom with the shopping
Some times she watches tv
Possessive adjective: my, her, our, your, its, his, their,
Possessive pronoun: hers, theirs, ours

1-Do you work hard at school?
Yes, I do
No, I don’t
2-Does your English teacher call you hard?
Yes he does
3-What schools clubs or team are you?
I am not in any clubs or team
What do you do after school?
I do the home work. I watch TV. I prepare de dinner. I speak whit my family.
How do you help at home?
I help with the shopping. I cook. I clean the house.
Why does your mum or dad get angry? Because I got out. I watch TV a lot.
I don’t do my home work.
The activities that do you do

Play de piano
Learn English
Take photos
Go dancing
Larn French
Listen to jazz
Do you play de piano?
No I don’t play the piano?
Do your friends like rock music?
No my friends don’t like rock music
Do you go to the cinema?
Yes, I go to the cinema
Why your parents work on Saturday?
Because they
Does you best friend speak French?
No my best friend doesn’t speak French
Do you like coffee? Yes I like
What type of coffee do you like?
What your name? are you from venezuela
How old are you?
Are you 27 or 30 years old?
Take photos, watch TV. Do the dishes. Go to the beach. Going to the mountain. Swimming or swim. go to cinema. Listening to music.  Cleaning my house.  Drinking a beer.
Do you take photos?
Yes I take photos
Do you watch sport on TV?
Yes, I watch sport  TV on TV
Do you do the dishes?
Yes I do the dishes
Do you go to the beach?
Yes, I go to beach
Do you go to the mountain?
No, I don’t
Do you swim? No, I don’t
Do you clean your houses?
Yes, I do
Do you like going to the mountain?
Yes, I like going to the mountain
Do you like listen to the music?
Yes, I like
Do you like clean? Do you like play the piano? Do you like take photos?
***********100%always. 75% usually 50% often. 25% seldom or rarely. =%never
I usually go swimming on Friday.
I usually go late for dinner.
I usually do my home work in the evening
Some times I go to the beach
I some times go to the beach
I go to the beach sometimes
I always do the home work after dinner
I usually go to bet early
I never write post cards
I always have breakfast at 6:00 o’clock
I am always arrive to my house late
I never play football on Sunday
I always watch tv in the evening
I am always tired after school
I never go swimming after school
I am rarely in a bad mood

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