lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

Casalta 2, Caracas, 1030
12 November

Hi! My name is Luz Garcia. I’m forty two years old and I live in Caracas in Venezuela. I’m at Pedagogic de Caracas. I want to write to pen friends of my age.

I’ve got seven sisters and one brother. They are Esther, Betty, marina, Elizabeth Irene, Veronica and my brother Adrian. Esther, Marina and Irene are houses works and Betty and Elizabeth are sales woman. Elizabeth and Betty are a sales woman and Veronica and I are phone operator. My brother Adrian is a sales man like Betty and Elizabeth.

I’m a quiet person and I like being at home. I never bored. I don’t like going to big parties and I hate noisy clubs, but I really love a listening to romantic music and I love watching romantic films. I like horse riding and when I have time my family and I go to the Junquito those are a horses and some times we go to the cinema too.  My favorite actor is Edgar Ramirez and my favorite actress is Rudy Rodriguez

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