jueves, 14 de junio de 2012

the goose with golden eggs In a little village in a far away land liver a very poor widow and her only so named Tòm. One day, the woman got sick and she coul no keep woeking. gradually, they ran aout of food. "what are we going to do, dear son?" implored good woman Tom understood their situation and he tried to cheer her mother up. "you will see, mom, I will grow up soon and then i will see, Mom, I will grow up soon and then I will take care of you" he replied. The woman only smiled, but she felt more desperate. Tom helped the miller and was able to get some food to take home. The neigbors were kind people and they helped the boy and his mother sometimes. The sitation could no seem to get nay better because of a sotrong period of drought that was all over the region. Take the egg to the village and sell in there. Do not tell any body where the egg came from," said the mother very excited. The next day Tom went to the village. His mother wrote a letter saying the egge was a family"s valuable treasur she head the need so sell. www.eluniversal.com

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